REACH Enrollment

Getting started

Your doctor must complete and submit a Start Form before you can speak with a Care Navigator and access REACH support offerings.

Your doctor may ask you to provide information to complete the patient sections of the form. You or your authorized caregiver will need to sign the form to access support offerings.* You may sign this form at your doctor's office or a REACH Care Navigator can send you a link to sign electronically.

You are not required to enroll in REACH to receive a prescription for a Reata medicine.

After your doctor completes and submits a Start Form, here’s what happens next:

1. REACH will call you to provide a program overview and get your consent for participation in program services
2. REACH will research your health insurance to understand coverage for Reata medicines and identify if you may be eligible for financial assistance
3. REACH will provide information to your doctor about what documentation your insurance company requires to obtain approval for your Reata medicines
4. If denied, REACH can provide your doctor's office appeal information
5. If your insurance approves coverage of the Reata medication, REACH will confirm your mailing address with you and your medicine will be shipped to you
6. REACH will contact you on an ongoing basis to offer educational materials or information about your prescribed Reata medicine
The timeline for this process varies by insurance company and may take just a few days up to several weeks.

Care Navigators

Once enrolled in REACH, Care Navigators will help you navigate your journey of starting and continuing with your prescribed Reata medicine.

Care Navigators will be your primary point of contact for REACH and may provide answers to questions about your:

  • Insurance and copays
  • Copay assistance
  • At-home prescription delivery
  • Options to speak with a pharmacy representative or nurse

You or your healthcare provider can speak with a Care Navigator by calling 1-844-98-REACH.

Care Navigators are available 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

Specialty Pharmacy

Your Reata medicine will be delivered to you by a specialty pharmacy


The REACH exclusive specialty pharmacy, Biologics, will contact you to confirm the delivery address and collect any copayments or coinsurance that may be required for each monthly supply of your Reata medicine. Reata medicines are not available at retail pharmacies.

The specialty pharmacy may also contact you to discuss your:

  • Prescribed Reata medicine
  • Side effect management
  • Insurance benefits and copays
  • Ability to get copay assistance

Affordability Options

Find out if you are eligible

Options may be available to help you afford your prescribed Reata medicine whether you are insured, underinsured, or uninsured.

Once you are enrolled, the REACH pharmacy can help explore affordability options.

Subject to eligibility and program terms and conditions. REACH affordability options are not healthcare insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is REACH?

Reata Education, Access, and Care Helpline (REACH) is a centralized resource for patients and healthcare providers to receive information on insurance requirements and affordability options for prescribed Reata medicines. REACH provides personalized support for enrolled patients, including evaluation for available financial assistance and educational materials. REACH is administered by Biologics, which is currently the exclusive specialty pharmacy used to dispense prescribed Reata medicine.

Enrolling in REACH

How do I enroll in REACH?

Your doctor must complete and submit a Start Form on your behalf. To access support offerings through REACH, you also need to provide your signature on the patient portion of the Start Form.

Why do I need to sign the Start Form?

By signing the Start Form, you consent to allow REACH to discuss relevant healthcare information for your prescribed Reata medicine including with your healthcare providers, your healthcare insurance company, and Biologics, the exclusive specialty pharmacy. Access to REACH Care Navigators and helpful information about your prescribed Reata medicine cannot be provided to you until we receive this permission. Please refer to the guidance provided in the Start Form for more information.

Care Navigators

Who are REACH Care Navigators?

Once you are enrolled in REACH, these dedicated professionals are your REACH point of contact during your treatment with a prescribed Reata medicine.

What information does the Care Navigator provide?

Care Navigators can help with questions about your insurance coverage, eligibility criteria for copay assistance, and at-home prescription delivery, and options to speak with a specialty pharmacy representative, including pharmacy staff and nurse educators. They can also provide helpful information for other support programs, including patient advocacy groups.

Insurance Approval for a Prescribed Reata Medicine

How long does insurance approval for coverage of a prescribed Reata medicine take?

This depends on your specific insurance plan. REACH will work with your doctor’s office to understand documentation requirements of your insurance plan. Once all information has been submitted to your insurance plan, the REACH program will follow up regularly until a determination has been made. Sometimes the process is quick; however, in some cases, it can take up to several months.

Insurance Denial for a Prescribed Reata Medicine

My healthcare/prescription drug insurance will not cover the prescribed Reata medicine. Whom should I contact?

If your insurance plan will not cover a prescribed Reata medicine, you or your doctor may contact REACH to discuss what additional documentation may be needed to potentially appeal the denial. Your doctor may also request a peer-to-peer discussion with a medical director at the healthcare insurance plan to discuss your eligibility for coverage of the prescribed Reata medicine.

Will REACH contact my healthcare/prescription drug insurance plan to discuss coverage denial of a Reata medicine?

REACH may be able to provide information to your doctor’s office about options for appealing a denial. REACH can share that information with your doctor, but the program cannot directly interact with your plan.

Medication Delivery

Once insurance approves coverage for a prescribed Reata medicine, how long will it take for the prescribed Reata medicine to be delivered?

Once your insurance approves coverage of a Reata medicine, REACH will contact you to arrange shipment and delivery. Most prescriptions are delivered within 2 business days.

Which pharmacy options are available for prescribed Reata medicines?

Reata specialty medicines are available only through Biologics, the exclusive specialty pharmacy for Reata medications. Prescriptions cannot be filled at retail pharmacies or through retail mail order.

Why is the specialty pharmacy calling me?

The specialty pharmacy will contact you to obtain required information for insurance authorization and reauthorization processes, to collect copayments or coinsurance for your monthly medication supply, to confirm your delivery address, and for other reasons related to your prescribed Reata medicine. You may receive phone calls from REACH/Biologics to discuss the status of your prescription approval and shipment details. It may be helpful to save the program phone numbers in your phone contacts so that you recognize when REACH is calling. The primary REACH phone number is 1-844-98-REACH.

Patient Affordability

I have concerns about paying for my prescribed Reata medicine. How can REACH help?

There are options to help you afford your prescribed Reata medicine. Care Navigators can help you explore your eligibility for affordability programs.

Insurance Changed or Ended

My healthcare/prescription drug insurance plan has changed. What can I do to continue the prescribed Reata medicine under the new insurance plan?

If your insurance changes while taking a prescribed Reata medicine, you or your doctor should call REACH to provide the new insurance information as soon as it is available.

I no longer have healthcare/prescription drug insurance. How can REACH help?

If you lose insurance coverage while taking a prescribed Reata medicine, call 1-844-98-REACH to speak with a Care Navigator to understand available options.

It is your and your doctor’s responsibility to complete and submit all required forms and documentation to your healthcare/prescription drug insurance plan. Reata cannot guarantee the plan will cover any prescribed Reata medicine.